Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cross-Battery Assessment, Third Edition (XBA 3) is Finally Here!

And it’s finally here…

 Cross-Battery Assessment, Third Edition (XBA 3)
After weeks and weeks of postponing the date because the book wasn't ready yet; last Thursday April 4th Region 4 conducted their first training on the Cross-Battery Assessment Update.

We finally started to get the XBA model and now best practices are updated once again! So what’s new?

1.       Use of expanded CHC theory:

a.       The CHC Model of Cognitive Abilities that guided Intelligence Test Construction from 2000-2011 included 10 different abilities: Gf, Gq, Gc,Grw, Gsm, Gv, Ga, Glr, Gs, and Gt.

b.      Current expanded CHC Model of Cognitive Abilities (adapted from McGrew 2005 and Schenider &McGrew, 2012) includes 16 different abilities: Gf, Gc, Gkn, Gq, Grw, Gsm, Gsm, Glr, Gv, Ga, Go, Gh, Gp, Gk, Gs, Gt, and Gps.

2.       Inclusion of all current intelligence batteries, major academic achievement batteries, and some special purpose test

3.       Classification of approximately 800 sub-tests according to CHC theory to CHC theory

4.       Classification of tests according to area of specific learning disability

5.       Inclusion of variation in task demands

6.       Calculation of all cross-battery clusters in a psychometrically defensible way (NO more AVERAGING)

7.       Summary of current research on the relations among cognitive abilities and academic skills

8.       Updated software: Cross-battery Data Management and Interpretative Assistant v2.0. (DMIA)
a.       Increased functionality
b.      Interpretative statements are available on each test tab
c.       Enhancing  graphing
d.      CHC Analyzer
e.      Analysis and Interpretation of g-Value

9.       Comprehensive approach to SLD identification using he Dual Discrepancy/consistency (DD/C) operational definition of SLD

10.   Linking cognitive weaknesses or deficits to intervention
a.       Weakness: scores from 85 to 89 Standard Score (SS)
b.      Deficits: scores below 85 (SS)

As you can see, a lot has changed since the good all days. This update is no joke. Everyone at the training that day were in shock! We were so overwhelmed. I added some screenshots of the DMIA. Check it out…

The user inter-phase is awesome! It’s actually exciting to enter scores in it.

The addition of 800 intelligence test is fantastic, If you are use something that is not in that list, 
you should probably reconsider everything you are doing J

If you are interested in getting your book, Wiley have it for $48.95: Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment, 3rd Edition

I know what I am going to be doing this summer: getting as much practice as I can with this update. I don’t believe school districts are going to jump to this transition ASAP, just because the extensive training that it’ll require. Have you heard anything from your District? Let me know what’s going on your end. 

See you next time.

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