Monday, April 22, 2013

Brilliant minds, brilliant uniqueness

Hi everyone!

I want to share this amazing story about an amazing young man and his amazing perception of the world…
A good friend of mine share with me this article published by the online news paper MailOnline. The article is about a wonderful young man diagnosed with Autism. His name is Stephen Wiltshire; he is beyond gifted. I see him as an inspiration to us special services providers. This shows us that early identification, understanding, research and knowledge, as well support services to children with disabilities, opens a horizon of possibilities for them. I was so excited to learn about Stephen, especially, since I just shared with a parent the evaluation results of a student that met federal and state guidelines as a student with Autism. 

I immediately wanted to know more about Wiltshire and everything he has accomplished. Wiltshire has travel the world and his work has been exhibited and sold in numerous countries including the UK (home town) and Bermuda where the sale of his drawing of Hamilton broke auction records.

The article is called:

Here is one of the pictures of the article. I hope you feel as inspire as I did when I read it...

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